Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit (Infant 3.5-7kg)

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This economical, easy-to-use and eco-friendly value-pack of cloth diapering essentials includes everything you need to start cloth diapering now! The luxurious Organic Cotton Prefold Inserts are such a truly economical option that you can dive into cloth diapering without a big outlay of cash. The flushable Bio-Soft liners and step-by-step guide to no-fuss cloth diapering will make it easy for you. No rinsing, no pins, and no stuffing mean that it's no big deal to wash these cloth diapers!

Product Information

The Infant size contains:

* 24 infant size Organic Cotton Prefold diapers (4 x 8 x 4 layers thick)

* 4 Super Whisper Wraps – small

* 2 Super Brites – small

* 3 rolls Bio-Soft flushable diaper liners – small

* 5 reusable Fleece Liners

* 1 Fabulous Wet Bag – large

* User Guide