ChicoBag Messenger rePETe – Aluminium

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Ideal for the commuter who takes spontaneous detours to the market, for the student laden with books and files, or for the world traveler who collects unplanned souvenirs, the ChicoBag Messenger combines the utility of a compact reusable bag, with the comfort of a designer messenger bag.

Product Information

The ChicoBag Messenger is made of lightweight recycled PET ripstop fabric and features an integrated zipper pouch. It unstuffs into a full-size messenger pack, featuring two separate zipper pockets, flexible lycra bottle pockets, an adjustable strap, and a sleek magnetized closure system. This sophisticated urban messenger bag is made of 85% recycled content, is durable and water resistant.

What is rePETe™?

rePETe™ is a trademarked term ChicoBag™ use to help customers identify which ChicoBag™ products are made using recycled content. Every product with the rePETe™ logo is manufactured using recycled materials. The term rePETe™ refers to recycled PET. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is the dominant material used in plastic drinking bottle production and can be recycled into a variety of useful materials.