Neti Pot (stainless steel)

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Discover relief with easy-to-do, natural and highly effective Jala Neti (nasal irrigation). Jala Neti is a very effective method to provide relief from sinusitis, allergies, common colds and even asthma...simply and naturally using warm, salted water.

Product Information

Key Features of the “Health and Yoga” Neti Pot
  • Unbreakable – made from stainless steel. Extremely durable with easy grip.
  • Unique conical tip – minimises spillage by “plugging” the nostril.
  • Light weight and optimum size – holds up to 15 oz (400ml) of water, enough to do both nostrils without need to refill
  • Size : 10 cm diameter, 9 cm height
  • Accompanied by a comprehensive FREE 39-page Instruction Booklet
  • Includes free instructional DVD while stocks last
How does it work?

The Neti Pot is filled with warm, slightly salted water and the spout of the pot is inserted into one nostril. The position of the head and pot are adjusted to allow the water to flow out of the other nostril.

The technique is not as hard or uncomfortable as you might think at first. You will be surprised at this simple and effective method of health maintenance. Once learnt, the practice can be done in about 3 minutes and is easily integrated into a daily routine of body cleansing such as showering or cleaning teeth.

NOTE: While the neti pot can help reduce the frequency and severity of nasal problems, it is not a replacement for seeking medical advice.